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1 August 2015

The three lost kittens - a Grim furry tale with a happy ending

The wilderness bordering La Mata salt lake in the southern Costa Blanca is home to all sorts of wild life. The network of abandoned access roads makes it ideal territory for dog-walking at El Raso...and for inhuman humans who think it is acceptable to dump unwanted pets in the jungle of overgrowth.  

I hope the people responsible for leaving a mother cat and her three mottled white kittens in the bushes recently have some sort of conscience. I doubt they'll care that mum was too weak to survive, leaving her six-week-old triplets to fend for themselves.

Fortunately there is a happy ending to this particular furry tale, thanks to the handful of caring dog owners who left food and water which helped the tick-infested trio to stay alive. 

My friend Iola and her husband Mick were among residents who fed the kittens. When they told me about them last weekend, I called Christine Hoggett at Impact Charity. “If the poor things are left in this heat, they will certainly die,'' I was told. “We are really struggling for space, but we'll find room for them.''

So, armed with a rusting cat-trap and my caring friends, I paid a couple of visits to the El Raso jungle over the weekend. By Sunday afternoon the three waifs, all girls, were safe in the hands of Christine, her son Andy and their team of carers  – and are now tick and infection free and purring happily

Veterinary care and inoculations will follow and within weeks the triplets, pictured here following their rescue, will hopefully have permanent homes.

Many thanks to the caring dog owners of El Raso, particularly Iola, Mick, Susan and Simon, without whom the unprotected kittens would surely have perished. Also to Jackie Loosely for her help in catching and transporting the three waifs to Impact HQ in La Marina.